Wedding bells a-ringing

I am pleased to report on something joyful for once! With all the goings-on in Britannia, it was nice to see that good things still happen, such as the wedding yesterday between Kylara Shobalar and Aleena both of the Elven House of E'lyn.

The wedding chapel was a cozy affair, indoors but with plenty of natural light. The florals were subtle and tasteful, allowing the happy couple to be the center of attention.

The room was nearly filled to capacity as the ceremony began, and a few others quietly snuck in moments later. The officiator, Pywicket of the DEA, asked all gathered to welcome Kylara and Aleena as they came down the aisle. Aleena was resplendent in a simple but beautiful white dress, while Kylara was striking in a more formal robe and headdress.

Pywicket started with a beautiful anecdote about love, and how two souls are drawn together in commitment.

The two love-bound souls then turned to each other and exchanged their vows.

There were some moist eyes in the audience as Kylara finished her vows, and mine were no exception. I expected Aleena's voice to break as she started her own vows, but her voice was strong and steady.

Pywicket then asked each in turn if they promised to care for each other, to respect each other, and share all things with each other.

The traditional trading of rings was next. The neverending loop of a ring, we were told, symbolized the neverending love and commitment from one to the other. There was a brief bit of excitement as Aleena put on her ring, for she seemed to vanish for a moment, appearing again to offer her own ring to Kylara. It certainly was a magical event!

With a few parting words, Pywicket declared that the two couple were now forever joined, and the tears and happiness from the audience finally burst forth.

The guests milled about the chapel briefly, congratulating the happy couple and offering gifts and blessings.

Everyone soon moved off to the reception hall. I have a feeling some stayed to see the sun rise, perhaps more than once. And though I did partake in a bit more ale than I should have, I didn't stay long, for other things were happening in Britannia that needed my attention...

Congratulations and best wishes to Kylara and Aleena, Britannia's newest and happiest couple!

-- Crwth