Twilight Partnership

Once again I was honored to attend the beautiful wedding of two Britannians. Markus Callah and Alluna Merro, both of the Twilight Fellowship, were wed this weekend in a beautiful ceremony.

Officiating the ceremony was Pywicket, as lovely and eloquent as always. The ceremony took place in the House E'lyn, where, too, the last wedding I attended took place. Those present included close friends, family and guildmates.

Markus and his best man, Galahad, stood proudly as we all waited inside the chapel, Alluna was brought to the front door by her maid of honor, Moriara, and left with her father, Joseph Merro; Moriara then took her place at the front of the room with a curtsy. Father and daughter both walked with grace to the front of the chapel, where Joseph bowed to Markus and gave his daughter's hand.

The formalities then began with Pywicket's strong voice greeting the guests and speaking of the sanctity of matrimony. She spoke of the shattering of the Gem of Immortality, an event that affected all Britannians, and how the desire to see the shards joined once again can be likened to the joining of two souls in marriage.

"Love, Truth and Courage are the three principles of which each Virtue has as a part of their making," Pywicket intoned to those present. "The most important principle for marriage is Love."

Beautiful words were spoken of Spirituality, Justice, Sacrifice and Compassion, the four Virtues tied to Love, and how they in turn tie to the binding of two people.

The exchanging of vows followed as both bride and groom turned to each other, neither pair of eyes leaving the others' face.

As they each spoke the Words of Power to the other you could feel the tenderness and hear the devotion between the couple.

Vows exchanged, Pywicket spoke the final words with which the union would be sealed. "Markus Callah, do you take Alluna Merro to be your wife..."

"I do!" Markus exclaimed.

The rest of us stifled our laughter as Pywicket continued.

" have and to hold in Truth, Courage and Love? Do you promise to love, cherish and honor her, for as long as you both shall live, according to the Sacred Covenant of Marriage?"

"I do this time, too!" Markus replied, hiding any embarassment.

"Alluna Merro," Pywicket started again, this time facing the bride, "do you take Markus Callah to be your husband, to have and to hold in Truth, Courage and Love? Do you promise to love, cherish and honor him, for as long as you both shall live, according to the Sacred Covenant of Marriage?"

"I do," Alluna replied, leaving very few dry eyes in the room.

"Markus Callah, what symbol of thy love and commitment dost thou bring?"

"I bring this ring," the groom replied.

Alluna Merro, what symbol of thy love and commitment dost thou bring?"

"A ring."

"A ring is a fitting symbol of your commitment to one another," Pywicket declared. "Just as it is never ending, so should be your love."

"Markus Callah, repeat after me your vows..."

"Alluna Merro, repeat after me your vows..."

The rings were magnificent, even from where I was sitting. Markus's ring to Alluna was a brilliant wedding band with 50 diamonds set within. Alluna's ring to Markus was a stunning star sapphire ring.

"Markus Callah... Alluna Merro... the citizens of Britannia have now heard your vows to each other. Let no one put asunder your union of heart and soul. May Lord British bless this marriage and watch over you. With this sacred union, you are helping to reunite the shards in mind, health and body."

"Friends, please help me bless this wedding by intoning 'Vel Cor Amo'."

More than one voice cracked as we recited the Words of Power through smiles and happy tears.

"Now, by the powers committed me, and by the laws of Britannia, I declare that Markus Callah and Alluna Merro have joined together as One.

"I send you forth together, united in heart, mind and soul. Go now and revel in the power of being a couple. Trust and rely upon each other, and let nothing part thee."

"Markus Callah, you may now kiss your bride!"

The guests could contain themselves no longer as applause and tears both burst forth.

"Citizens and friends," Pywicket concluded, "we have now witnessed the wedding between Markus Callah and Alluna Merro. May we all save for the rest of our life the memory of this sacred day."

More applause followed, and fireworks were launched within the chapel. The guests all congratulated the new couple, and followed them to the reception hall where, I understand, there was much consumption which I, alas, was not able to attend.

Please join me in welcoming the newest couple to Britannia! Congratulations to Alluna and Markus! -- Crwth