Trinsic forgotten

It was a nice day, a sunny day, and the birds were chirping throughout Britannia. It was a great day for a treasure hunt or three, and that we did. Trinsic is the hometown of the Coven of Schadenfreude, and it was there that we wound down after battle with treasure guardians. Everyone was tired from an evening of hard work, and we just wanted to wind down.

"Look, a shadow wyrm!" Griffin pointed, and we all went to look. I decided it must have been some tamer's pet gone wild, to see a shadow wyrm in Trinsic. Thinking back, I don't know that tamers can even tame them...

Griffin hopped off the bank to take a look. And a good look at the gullet of the wyrm he did get, as he was practically swallowed whole. Now, I don't portray myself as a warrior at the best of times, so I certainly wasn't going to try and pull the remaining pieces of Griffin from the creature's mouth...

...especially that the wyrm seemed to have friends! An ancient wyrm appeared and seemed to need to do some banking, and shortly after that, more shadow wyrms and white wyrms appeared.

Eric spirited away to Britain to try and rally the citizens against this invasion of wyrmkind, but either they did not believe, or did not care, for no one appeared. Griffin, after visiting the brave town healer, was able to recover his discarded belongings from his consumer, as I desperately played soothing music for the creature.

Since the general populace of Britannia wasn't interested in helping out Trinsic, I thought that perhaps the Royal Guard might come to its aid. Sure enough, as I entered the ranger's hut, there were many gathered there, as the call had been put out for the heroes of the land. Alas, my words seemed to fall on deaf ears, for only three heroes followed me back to Trinsic to help.

I tried once more, thinking perhaps that my magic gate didn't last long enough for the warriors of Britannia to follow.

But no, I am sad to say that all those gathered laughed at me, insisting that since the gem was still present, their presence was not need anywhere but the cozy ranger's hut.

Returning to Trinsic, I did what I could to stem the invasion, but a bard can only do so much! Alas, my lyrics are only of soothing and confusion, and not of outright hostility. Because there were few of us there, it was a bloody scene, and as I found out, a dragon's breath can travel far!

The few brave warriors and bards that did come were impressive in battle. One white wyrm, Inegras Oches -- more companion than pet, I suspect -- was by far the most impressive creature there, for it bravely took down its own kin at the behest of its handler. Alas, I was so impressed with Inegras that I did not catch his handler's name!

There was a lull after a while, and it looked like Trinsic might be safe. I heard from Eric that Skara Brae was under attack, and that paragon wyrms and dragons were to be found there. Could it be Blight up to his tricks again? I admit that I felt safer in Trinsic, with its numerous non-paragon versions. I still wake in the night from bad dreams of the last Skara Brae invasion and the haunting gold of the paragon wyrms.

With the lull in dragons, it looked like the last of them were stuck on the southeast end of town, and there were brave warriors attempting to remove the rest.

I was wrong! To the west of the bank there was a neverending wave of wyrms and dragons, and it looked like other heroes had joined the battle. This warmed my heart, for I feared that Skara Brae would have been the only focus for the realm's warriors. It was a small band of twenty or so, but they fought with the utmost bravery.

I swear the battle went on for hours, but rare was it that the reptilian raiders gained ground. And any they gained, we soon took back.

I fought as long as I could, but I now know that the immortal dragon has more stamina than I, and I could not stay awake in my saddle. With a heavy heart, I had to leave the defense of Trinsic to the rest of the heroes, for I would be but a drain on their resources were I to die from exhaustion.

There were some however, that, without a word, would resurrect me and be on their way, never tiring in the pursuit of freedom. And if Trinsic stands another day, it is these heroes we should thank.

I do not know what the gem's crimson call meant that evening, for I was too busy defending my home town. I have not heard, yet, of the casualties in Skara Brae, or their success in fending off the spawn there. I only hope it was not in vain.

-- Crwth of Pacific