Ultima Online

Welcome to my bland UO page. It's here as a launching point to all the UO-related stuff I've webbed.

I started UO back in March/April 1998, and played for about three years before leaving Britannia. I can't remember why I did so, and over the following three years, kept yearning to return.

And return I did. It was the posting of old screenshots that pushed me over the edge. Here they are. (2005: I've since stopped playing again... I played in the Mondain's Legacy beta, and going back to the fairly uneventful world of Pacific after playing with a great group of beta testers just didn't do it for me.) (2008: Oh look, I'm back again. I just can't stay away from this game. I haven't paid for Mondain's Legacy yet, but there's still enough to do for now...)

Upon my return, I starting participating in the events as often as I could. Because screenshots brought me back, I had planned from the beginning on taking screenshots more often, as I played, so I took some on my first quest. I had originally just written it up for myself and my friends, but I was told to send it to Assia, on Pacific UO Stratics, and she posted it up. I've since had more writeups posted on Stratics. Here's a page of links to each of those stories.

The Bard in UO rocks. It's a very fun and powerful character to play. I have a Treasure Hunter who is a Mage/Bard, and also have a Tamer/Bard. Gaining skill as a Bard can be challenging, though, so I've made a Bardic Calculator to help me, and others, figure out what they should be doing to gain skill. Also, I've made a What-to-Fight Calculator, and a What-to-Tame Calculator. (NOTE: these pages were broken for a while because of a switch to a new server. They are now working once again.)

Lately I've become addicted to the Bulk Order Deeds (BODs) in the game. These are contracts from the NPC vendors to crafting characters, so they can still have something to do when the guild is off fighting in their nice shiny new armor. The rewards can be great - gold, fame and special items. Collecting these BODs can become an obsession. If fact, you might get to the point where you want to make more and more tailors and blacksmiths just to get more and more BODs! That's why I made these two other pages. This page and this page might help you sort BODs, if you do such things.

IDOCs (In Danger of Collapse houses) are a big distraction of mine as well. These are houses that people have let collapse because they've likely left the game. Sometimes they're filled with nothing of value, but sometimes filled with riches! Included in the riches can be rare items or collectable items. I'm all about collecting, and you can see my list of collections and what I'm missing here.

Our guild is the Coven of Schadenfreude. This is the rebirth of our original guild, the Schadenfreude Coven. My main character is Crwth, because a Treasure Hunter is still one of the most fun roles to play in UO, even though it seems everyone has got one now.