The elves speak out

As the Royal Zoo cleared out, shortly after the new additions were guaranteed to be secure, I stopped to talk to a congregation of elves that had hung back from the congratulatory talk that James Greymason had given.

Aware of their strong views against the acquisition of the white stag and white hinds for the Royal Zoo, I asked Sarlock Longbow, King of the Elves, and the other gathered elves, what they thought of the evening's events.

"We cannot allow this to continue," Longbow said gravely.

"This is cruel!" exclaimed Jasmine.

"This is an outrage!" Sheridan said, waving his hammer around.

"We will not allow the rich and influential of Moonglow to cage animals for their own entertainment," continued the elven king. "Free beasts of the land should not be tossed into tiny cells and subject to the pokes and jabs of the viewing public."

"And King Sarlock demands the release of the deer!" added Keegan.

"Free the beasts! Cage the council!" Jasmine suggested.

"With the rest of the world killing them, why not allow the caging of a few to help preserve them?" asked Tarnis, a non-elf who was listening nearby.

"Would you rather run free across the lands of Felucca and fend for yourself?" Sarlock asked back. "Or should we toss you into one of these cells to keep you safe?"

"I believe we would all prefer to take our chances."

This riled up the other elves, with calls of "let him be poked and prodded!" and "we have an empty jail cell he could try if he wants..."

"We will not allow the whim of one man and his wealthy contributors do this terrible thing and justify it with pretty words and reasons." Sarlock remained grim even as his fellow elves got creative.

"If one wealthy man has enough power to summon the guard..." added Edge, who had remained silent until now. "Kind of makes you wonder why we even bother fighting in the first place."

"Greymason spoke pretty words to justify this horrible act," Sarlock said. "The elves shall not rest until these animals are set free."

"Are there plans in motion?" I ask. "Or am I not to know?"

Sarlock Longbow merely nodded.

"We will do what is necessary," said Sheridan quietly.

The elven king spoke again after a brief silence, perhaps deciding what was safe to tell an edan -- human -- about their plans. "We shall protest with all means available to us."

"Nothing less," Sheridan interjected.

"Then we shall need to motivate the free people's will against them, and teach them the wrong that is occurring here."

"We will not leave the animals to public torment and experimentation!" Sarlock exclaimed in a sudden rush of emotion. "Strange things have been reported here when the sun sets. Do you not think that the yamandon's powerful poison would aid them in their conquests? To harness such a power would swiftly defeat the other factions."

With that very sobering thought, we all parted ways. I try to remain impartial as a reporter of the realm, but the elves' arguments are very persuasive. It remains to be seen if the elves have the power to oppose the Moonglow Council, and what will come of the Royal Zoo in the next while. -- Crwth